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Do you ever feel like Valentine’s Day is going to the dogs? Well, for us, it is! We love any excuse to celebrate our animals, and we have a feeling you do, too! That’s why we’ve put together easy dog Valentine’s Day treats for you to use this year that don’t require a last-minute Amazon or Chewy order!

This list offers low-cost (and no cost!) ways to give irresistible dog Valentine’s Day gifts your pooch will “woof!” over! 

5 Ways to Treat Your Dog: Valentine’s Day EditionChange up your walking route.

1. Change up your walking route.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just an ordinary Tuesday, you can surprise and delight your dog by changing directions during your daily walk. While your dog loves to go for a walk anywhere, he or she will enjoy new sounds, sights, and sensations if you switch up your route from time to time. New walking routes can build confidence and create more opportunities to develop social skills depending on who you encounter while out and about.

2. Treat them to a puppuccino.

Another dog Valentine’s Day treat idea is to take them for a puppuccino or pup cup! Most coffeehouses and fast food restaurants have special dog treat menu items, including Starbucks, Dunkin’, Shake Shack, and Dairy Queen, to name a few. While we don’t recommend giving your pet a sugary, high-fat treat like this every day, it’s fun and refreshing on special occasions. You can even make them at home!

3. Take them shopping for a new toy.

If it’s in the budget for Valentine’s Day, you can pretend to be Cupid for your dog and take him or her to their favorite pet supply store. Here, they might fall in love with a new dog toy or maybe a reversible dog sweater that you can bring home with you! Most pet stores love to see furry friends visit, but make sure to put your pet on a leash and be mindful of other animals visiting the store.

4. Give them a massage.

Pamper your pup with a dedicated massage for Valentine’s Day, especially if they love cuddles! Set aside a time when you can limit distractions and interruptions, and give your full attention to your dog. Use gentle, sweeping motions along your dog’s head, back, chest, and anywhere else he or she loves to be touched. While your dog will love your undivided attention, he or she will also practice being calm while someone handles them. Regular massages will make grooming tasks more manageable in the future.

5. Find them a dog Valentine’s Day outfit.

Special occasions call for special clothes! So if your dog likes wearing bandanas, bow ties, or sweaters, take them shopping for a dog Valentine’s Day outfit. Every holiday, we see more and more adorable leashes, collars, dog sweaters, bandanas, and pajamas on the market. But before you commit to a new accessory, make sure your dog feels safe while wearing it. Check to see if this Valentine’s Day gift rubs or pinches their skin, pulls or squeezes sensitive areas like the neck and tail, and causes them to itch. No accessory is worth making your dog uncomfortable, no matter how cute they may look wearing it. 

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