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Is it possible to find the best Christmas gifts for dogs when you’re not Santa Paws? Absolutely!

At Ruffly Speaking, it’s our job to find the sturdiest toys and dog accessories and put them through the wringer. And we don’t stop there. We do extensive research on those holiday-themed treats to make sure dog owners are putting the healthiest treats possible in their pups’ stockings. 

So without further ado, we present some of the best Christmas gifts for dogs you can find this holiday season. Just add a gift box and some head scratches.

Best Food Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Gourmet Treats

Nothing rewards positive behaviors like a delicious gourmet treat! We recommend the holiday collection from Einstein Treats for extra good boys and girls this year. Made from real ingredients like turkey, sweet potatoes, and cranberries, these holiday dog treats are all-natural, organic, and dog-approved!


The Kinn Kleanbowl is a clever (and clean!) holiday gift idea. This food and water bowl design helps your dog drink more water and eat more food, all while fighting dental plaque and bad breath. The stainless steel ring has biodegradable inserts that keep bacteria and germs out of reach and an anti-slip grip to keep it from sliding all over your floor.

Food Puzzle Toys

The best Christmas gifts for dogs are ones that keep their minds engaged! A food puzzle toy blends eating with play safely. You can use a food puzzle toy for regular meals if your dog is an especially fast eater. Or you can snag one meant for treats as a fun enrichment activity. 

Best Dog Toy Christmas Gifts


While the Blue-9 KLIMB dog training system isn’t a traditional toy, it will provide your dog with a safe, secure place to focus during training. A significant part of enriching a dog’s daily life is learning through play. The KLIMB is a platform with a non-slip traction mat that helps dogs exercise, focus, and learn new skills.

Everlasting Treat Ball

Go beyond the average tennis ball with an interactive treat ball! You can use this “puzzle” ball for curing boredom. Fill it with treats and watch your dog nudge, roll, and play with it to get the goodies inside. It is a great cure for boredom! 

Knot Rope Ball

Level up your next game of tug-of-war with your dog with a colorful knot rope that’s tough to destroy and made from safe materials. Toys like this are great for indoor playtime and for throwing around the yard or dog park. As always, check for the appropriate size option for your dog. Dog toys that are too small for your pet can pose a choking hazard.

Best Wearable Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Kong Chew Resistance Collar

This dog collar is a great gift for dogs that love to chew. Made from durable fabric, this collar features a snap buckle collar, D-ring for leash attachment, and adjustable buckles for a comfortable fit. When you’re shopping for dog collars, remember to leave enough room between the collar and your dog's neck.

The Dog ID

If your furry friend jingles a little too loudly, try out the Dog ID. This silent dog tag slides onto your pet’s existing collar, eliminating the jingling and snagging of traditional dog tags. Each Dog ID is laser engraved with your chosen text, but we recommend your dog’s name, pet owner’s name, and a reliable phone number at the least.

Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Treat-Dispensing Camera

Technology is great, especially when it can keep us connected to our canine best friends! A treat-dispensing camera that uses wifi and motion sensors to help keep an eye on your pet when you’re away is the best Christmas gift for dogs and yourself! Depending on the brand, this could be a splurge, but in our experience, you get what you pay for. 

Dog Blueprint

Who doesn’t want to know what their dogs are made of? The Dog Blueprint is a unique art piece that puts your favorite breed front in center. This 1950s-inspired framed blueprint features “design specs” and information about breed origins. And it’s available in dozens of popular breeds.

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