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It’s hard to imagine someone not wanting to take care of their pet. As animal shelters across the country continue to fill up, we can’t ignore the truth. One way to help overcrowded shelters is to adopt and give a rescue dog a second chance at a forever home. But adoption is not the right…

If you own a dog and opened Instagram lately, you’ve looked straight into canine couture. Maybe without even realizing it! Canine couture has become a catch-all phrase for anything frivolous and extra when it comes to your dog.  Dog clothes. Dog grooming. Dog art. All of it is considered canine couture. And it’s a billion-dollar…

Do you ever feel like Valentine’s Day is going to the dogs? Well, for us, it is! We love any excuse to celebrate our animals, and we have a feeling you do, too! That’s why we’ve put together easy dog Valentine’s Day treats for you to use this year that don’t require a last-minute Amazon…


Picture this – you’ve just pulled up to the speaker at your favorite coffee shop drive-through, you place your regular order, then say, “Add a puppuccino to that, too!”  In the backseat, your dog starts wagging her tail and tapping her paws. You’re both about to get an afternoon pick-me-up.  But what exactly is a…

It can be difficult to find the dog resources and products that actually do what they say they’re going to do. You’d think in the information age that it would be easier than ever to access information about dogs that you can trust. The problem? Most of the free resources you find floating around the internet have not been tested and proven to work with thousands of dogs. That’s where we come in. We’ve spent more than four combined decades testing our recommendations on every breed at every age. They work. Join the Community
You shouldn’t have to waste hours of time searching Google for unreliable information about dogs.

That’s why we created Ruffly Speaking. Because every minute you spend researching and testing methodologies and products that haven’t been proven to work, is another minute of quality time stolen from you and your dog. You both deserve better.

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Community Privileges As a member of the Ruffly Speaking community, you’ll get immediate access to expert trainings and resources that will teach you how to:
Make playtime with your dog fun for everyone.
Train your dog and keep him as safe as possible.
Enhance your dog’s health with the right nutrition & supplements.
Confidently select the products your dog needs.
Get immediate answers to your dog questions and concerns.
Tap into the experience we’ve gained over four combined decades.
I am learning as much from the answers given to questions posted on Facebook as I am from these resources! Thanks, Robin, for being so generous in sharing your considerable expertise and knowledge.
— Jan, Pet Parent
Here's How to Create the Best Relationship With Your Dog
Step 1 Identify the areas of your dog's life that you feel like you need the most help improving.
Step 2 Review our robust library of vetted resources, training videos & connect with the community.
Step 3 Enjoy every moment with your dog knowing she's getting everything she needs to live the best dog's life!
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Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA

Robin Bennett is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, author, speaker, and expert on dogs. She founded one of the largest dog training companies in Virginia and for the last 30 years has been using her expertise in "reading dogs" to teach families how to train their pets as well as helping others in the pet care industry keep dogs safe.

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Susan Briggs, MA, CPACO

Susan Briggs is a Certified Professional Animal Care Operator, author, speaker, and pet care business expert. As co-founder of The Dog Gurus, she brings over 18 years of experience in the pet industry with 12 years as co-owner and operator of a successful dog daycare, lodging, grooming, and training business in Houston, Texas.

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